Academic Catalog

Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH 101  Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (GB) (D)  (3 credits)  

This course is an introduction to the origins and development of humans, emphasizing physical evolution and cultural development. Consideration is given to the principles and concepts of physical anthropology and interpretation of archeological discoveries.

ANTH 102  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GB) (D)  (3 credits)  

The focus of this course is an objective examination of the wide variations of human cultures using the scientific method. Cross-cultural analysis of kinship, stratification, association, age/sex groups and cultural change is stressed.

ANTH 193  Independent Study: Anthropology  (3 credits)  
ANTH 211  The Archaeology of Maryland  (3 credits)  

In this course, bits of stone, pottery, bricks, and nails are used to piece together Maryland's past. This course involves students in the discovery of Maryland's "history in the ground" through a combination of classroom instruction, independent research, and participation in an archaeological excavation in Harford County, such as at the on-campus historic Hays-Heighe House site. Students develop analytical skills, knowledge of Maryland life from early prehistory through the 19th century, and an appreciation of historical and archaeological research.

ANTH 263  Special Topics: Food, Culture, & Society  (3 credits)  

This course is a holistic examination of the production, consumption, and symbolic meaning of food throughout time and across the globe. Specially, this course examines food and its relationship to society's social structures and gender, cultural identity, religion, politics, economics, and social movements. The course includes food demonstrations, guest lecturers, films, and a field trip. This course is cross listed as an anthropology and sociology course, but credit can only be obtained for one, not both designations.