Academic Catalog

Humanities (HUM)

HUM 101  Introduction to Digital Humanities (GAH)  (3 credits)  
This course is an introduction to the digital humanities through the examination of 20th century science fiction, utopian fiction, transhumanism, futurism, and other genres and media. Students will learn how digital technology is transforming the study of traditional literature, art, music, and architecture, and work toward designing digital humanities projects of their own.
HUM 103  Comics Art and Literature Survey (GAH)  (3 credits)  
This course is an introduction to the comics medium, particularly comic books and digital comics. Students will learn about the history of comics as well as some of the aesthetic features that make them work. Focusing on comics as visual and literary art, students will critically examine the medium and some of its influence on 21st century culture.
HUM 214  The Devil in Western Civilization  (3 credits)  
This course takes an interdisciplinary look at how the Devil has been thought of and portrayed over time, from the Bronze Age Middle East to the present. Students will examine, analyze, and discuss media as diverse as poetry, drama, theology, the visual arts, popular music, and film. Lectures and readings will provide the historical background that will enable students to analyze divergent explanations for the shifting portrayals of this exceedingly durable character in the Western historical imagination.
Prerequisite(s): Accuplacer English with a score of 090 or Next Gen Writing with a score of 263 or PARCC English Language with a score of 750 or SAT Verbal/Critcal Reading with a score of 480 or or or or ACT English with a score of 21 or ENG 012 or ENG 084 or ENG 018 or ENG 060