Academic Catalog

Human Development (HD)

HD 015  Personal & Academic Development  (3 credits)  

This course is designed to help students identify and develop their career/life and academic goals. Students will clarify their interests and skills while developing effective academic and personal goal-setting techniques. This course also focuses on setting and achieving short-term academic goals, preparing for success in college through effective study skill techniques, and learning to accept responsibility for one's behavior. May not be used to meet graduation requirements.

HD 103  Career and Life Planning   (3 credits)  

This course is designed to assist each student to become more aware of the processes of career and life planning and their relationship to interests, values, abilities and goals. It prepares the student to establish, change or confirm career goals through investigation and integration of the theory of the developmental process of career decision-making, self-analysis and a survey of career information. Course fee.

HD 110  Success in College and Beyond   (1 credit)  

This course is designed to help students develop and refine skills necessary for success in college and in life. While encouraging students to take responsibility for their behavior, it provides practice in a variety of strategies that can lead students to greater academic, professional, and personal success. Students examine study skill strategies, creative and critical thinking, and personal self-management. In addition, students are encouraged to explore and change self-defeating behaviors which may diminish their ability to succeed. Permission of instructor required. Course fee.

HD 111  Personalized Career Exploration   (1 credit)  

This course provides individualized assistance to students in developing skills, competencies, and knowledge essential to career exploration and decision making. Students fulfill a learning contract based on needs for self-assessment and occupational research. Minimum of five hours with instructor and twenty hours of lab and research assignments. Permission of instructor required. Course fee.

HD 112  Job Search Techniques  (1 credit)  

This course provides assistance to students in developing skills, competencies and knowledge essential in securing employment. Students learn the use of technology in job searching, the writing of effective resumes and cover letters and necessary interviewing skills. Permission of instructor required.