Academic Catalog

Interactive Media (IM)

IM 110  Entertainment and Interactive Media Production  (3 credits)  
This course will explore core technologies, current trends and issues in user-centered design, digital and interactive media, and production. Concept mastery will be measured through the research, design, and development of products that can be used in interactive media productions for education, entertainment, travel, social media, and emerging technologies. This course examines methods of creating professional quality media using current technologies in individual and team projects to interpret, design, develop, and implement interactive media. Course fee.
IM 160  Interactive Studio Workshop  (3 credits)  
This course combines emergent technologies and students’ diverse skills and backgrounds to imagine and engineer user-centered and integrated interactive experiences. By applying theory, storytelling, technique and curiosity to spin media to life, the students will produce and present a minimum of two interactive and/or immersive projects throughout the semester. Lectures and research support product development through technical, explanatory, and historical context. Course fee.
Prerequisite(s): IM 110
IM 230  Introduction to UX (User Experience) and Immersive Experience  (3 credits)  
This User Experience (UX) and immersive experience course affords students the opportunities to explore and interact with concepts and workflows of human-computer interaction and immersive design. Using information architecture, personas, prototyping, wireframes, and virtual worlds, the learner will design interactive prototypes to entertain or to solve real world problems. This course involves programming and the use of creation and executable platforms; and game development engines supporting multi-experience environments. Course fee.
Prerequisite(s): IM 160
IM 260  Interactive Media Capstone  (4 credits)  
Students complete an individual interactive media capstone project for a client or mentor accompanied by an explanatory paper. This course requires students to create an original and functional interactive media platform for a real-world clients in education, news, entertainment, or strategic communications. Students will participate in an employment panel review. Course fee.
Prerequisite(s): IM 230